Meet the Health Haven Team

All Doctors and Therapists at Health Haven are professionals and experts in their fields and are ready to partner you on your healing journey.

Dr Catherine Knight
Homeopath & Acupuncturist

As a Homeopath & Acupuncturist, Catherine uses Natural medicines and a functional approach to healing. Passionate about Fertility, Reproductive Health, Chronic disease, Metabolic Syndrome and day to day Family Health.

Dr Joanne Gilbert
Chiropractor & Aromatherapist

As a Functional Medicine Chiropractor and Aromatherapist, Joanne uses her knowledge in a holistic way in her approach to Chiropractic healing and the alignment of your bodies, minds and emotions.

Claire Moore
Counselling Psychologist

Claire is the calm in your storm, the voice of reason who is able to help you make sense of your life and practically guide you on your healing and life journey. Communication is a key to life, counselling is needed for everyone.

Zuleikha Ismail
Aromatherapist, Reflexologist & Doula

Reflexology is both therapeutic and diagnostic and helps treat and guide how the essential oils are used in targeted massage. A Doula is an essential Birth Partner for both Mum and Dad.

Larissa Bagwandeen
Natural Beauty & Skincare Therapist

Natural & Organic products are used in all treatments as cosmetics are one of the most toxic exposures we have. Healthcare begins with natural products and treatments.

Fiona Prins
Diabetes & Women's Health Nurse

Fiona is the most caring nurse, having many years of experience guiding and managing Diabetes in young and old. She is also available for general women's health checks.

Munira Paruk
Callanetics Instructor

With the 🇿🇦SA Callanetics🇿🇦 method for body form and posture, you can mould your body within the boundaries set by nature. The basis is the anatomically correct use of the body.

Marcelle Southey
Thermoscan Practitioner

Thermography is an effective, harmless, pain free form of breast cancer screening. It picks up changes in tissue before a lump has started, which could give one time to make necessary changes.

Ulandi du Toit
Health Haven Reception

Ulandi is most efficient at answering most of your queries and is able to book you with some of our practitioners. Please call, email or WhatsApp her with your queries within weekly office hours.