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Health Haven is a Healing Sanctuary offering Full Circle Healing

A Haven of Healing

Health Haven is truly a Haven of Healing, a sanctuary where our clients receive ‘Full Circle Healing’. Just arriving in our tranquil setting relaxes you into sharing your story and opening up to healing with whichever practitioner you have come to see. Our team of passionate healers work individually but also refer among themselves to work as a team where necessary to bring about healing.

Health Haven is just that, a haven for any who are weary, sick and in need of a partner (or partners more like it) on your healing journey, whatever you may need, even if it’s a quiet garden to sit in and think. Health Haven opened its doors in February 2013 by husband and wife team (Catherine and Shaun Knight) with great passion to help, heal and educate.

At first with nothing more than a vision and passionate drive to one day create a truly Holistic Integrative Healing Centre, offering the best of the Natural world and that part of the conventional medical world that we all may require from time to time. There is no need to be idealistic and overlook important and necessary steps on the healing journey. Health Haven was created so that many can come to heal, that it may be a beacon of hope, health and well-being and to become a Westville landmark that will last for decades of service to the larger Durban and surrounding community.

We have many practitioners who have honed various healing arts and who practice from our wonderful healing spaces. Some practice permanently from Health Haven and others do so on a more temporary basis, so that we can provide many diverse therapies as well as affordable office space for those healers wanting to work from a well-run and beautiful Healing Centre without the overheads that so often prevent a good healer from sharing their wisdom. So, if you want to join the team on a permanent or temporary basis, please feel welcome to come in and visit us to see what space we have available.

Without knowledge we cannot ever make informed choices and the Natural Way is a path of learning and understanding Nature and how we can align to bring about our healing. For this reason, we also have a seminar / exercise room where we offer an amazingly versatile space to hold workshops, seminars, groups, classes, business meetings etc. We currently host Callanetics classes and hope to retart yoga and/or other classes soon…come and see if our venue is suited for your next event or class.

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No matter what your health concern, we have just the right person to guide you.

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    Developing an effective strategy

    In order to find a way forward, we first need to understand what the problems are. Consultations are an essential conversation to start the process.

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    Treatment plans and medicines

    Any healing process requires mind and body therapies combined with specifically chosen medicines, supplements, lifestyle and exercise support.

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    Regular follow-ups and guidance

    Healing is a journey that we are ready to partner you on, but regular feedback and revisiting guidelines and treatment strategies are integral in a positive outcome.

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