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Homeopathy and Herbal Medicines are used extensively in the support of your body and the stimulating of healing processes. Supportive treatments like Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology or even Nursing may be integral in your healing process.
Sometimes talking things through with a Psychologist or cleansing with a Natural & Organic Body care treatment is all you need to start you off or reignite your health process. Therapeutic movement like Yoga and Callanetics help physically encourage wellness.

Homeopathy is a healing modality that uses natural medicines to stimulate your innate healing potential. Our body knows what to do as it follows the laws of Nature.


Used for more than 5000 years to stimulate healing in both acute and chronic conditions. Acupuncture influences all tissue responses to realign health.


Adjustments don't just relieve pain or realign the spine, but the flow of blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves that affects much more of your health.


Life is challenging for all, so talking things through, making sense of your patterns and changing the way you engage with life is essential to healing.

Aroma & Reflex

Aromatherapy massage is therapeutic in many ways. The oils bring Nature's healing with skilled massage that gets into those places that need healing.

Skincare & Beauty

Healthy bodies need healthy skin and looking after it is not a luxury but a necessary cog in the wheel of healing. Natural and Organic products are used in our treatments.


Homeopathy is an incredible healing modality that uses only natural medicines manufactured in a very specific way that harnesses the healing essence of these Natural substances to stimulate the body’s ability to heal whilst leaving no toxins behind. Homeopathy is a very real alternative and can be given on its own or in conjunction with most other medicines, herbal or conventional. Homeopathy is very safe, gentle and effective and suitable from birth onwards for any and all ailments and elicits deep and restorative healing for both acute and chronic ailments.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is not the dry needling you may have experienced at the Chiro or Physio, but a deep system of healing that involves the insertion of very thin acupuncture needles into specific acupuncture points that are in no way random and are able to connect with the electromagnetic energy that traverses our body influencing the ability of our bodies to work in balance. By reconnecting the flow this electromagnetic energy (what we call Qi/ Chi), we are able to facilitate healing processes that bring about a myriad of healing potential. Very effective in both acute and chronic ailments, too.


TCM includes Chinese Herbal Medicines as the other arm in treating ill health. These are some of the most powerful medicines ever worked with, very specific to the condition and the diagnosis, given according to TCM principles and therefore must always be prescribed for the individual and never as a one-size-fits-all approach. Nature has been harnessed in a very powerful way with Chinese Herbal Medicine, often seeing shifts in a few short hours and needing changing as the condition moves through the resolution phases. Again, incredible response is seen in both acute or chronic conditions..


Some forward-thinking conventional doctors began opening their minds to include more of what all natural healing modalities already know and understand, that our body works holistically and that different systems interplay and affect each other. That when one part is pushed or pulled, it tugs on another part sending that out of balance, so began looking deeper into things and devised individualized medical care that recognizes the interactions between genetic and environmental factors and between the body’s interconnected systems, where we treat the cause and not the symptoms.

Both our Homeopath and Chiropractor use the Functional Medicine paradigm in diagnosis and treatments.


Our Spine doesn’t just provide our structure and mobility, but the free movement of nervous signals throughout all areas of the body too. When our muscles and joints are stiff and bones out of alignment, the worst part you feel is the pain and discomfort, but at a deeper level, other parts of your body are affected too. Chiropractic is not just a “click-click” to realign the spine, it is a deeper trigger of healing from the nervous system, a release of lymphatic flow and an ease within the person that allows much more communication of all systems, which always nudges the body towards many levels of healing. I personally feel that everyone should see their Chiropractor at least once a month and I don’t know what I’d do without ours on hand.


Let’s face it, life is hard! There are many times where we all battle to cope with what life throws at us, we haven’t all learnt good coping skills and have had such varied upbringing from parents who often didn’t know how to teach us well. Getting some help in dealing with life’s issues is an important way of coping and moving forward in a positive and productive way in life. Counselling Psychology teaches us the skills to cope, helps us bounce our feelings and ideas off a trained professional who will help us see a deeper perspective and help us find practical ways in which to navigate through life. We all need to talk to someone at some point.


The knowledge of aromatic oils is as ancient as any healing practice and this art has been honed for centuries into the healing combinations of Aromatherapy. Oils are used in massage to elicit a healing response from the body. A choice of essential oil could begin a detox or help resolve inflammation. It is a well-known fact that nasal inhalation of a chemical substance reaches the brain very quickly, so it’s a no wonder the body can have such a quick response to them. Oils should never be ingested and are always used topically or with inhalation.


There are a few zones on our body that connect to and represent deeper systems that allow us access those areas to facilitate healing, the feet being one of them (hands and ears the other two). Reflexology is the firm purposeful zone activation of the feet in order to both assist in guiding a practitioner and/or patient towards a diagnosis, and gratefully also having a healing and therapeutic effect whilst doing so. Stimulating the zone, stimulates the system in turn to begin self-regulating. This is a wonderful adjunctive therapy to most others, although all Natural healing modalities fit together like a wonderful healing puzzle.


And sometimes, you just need someone to get in there with their knuckles and rub the stress out of those muscles. But there are a few different forms of massage for various intentions, for example a lymphatic drainage massage will be a different experience to a back massage. Some issues need Therapeutic massage, which targets specific issues like Sciatica. But whatever you need, we’ve got the therapist for you.


Women know women, its just that simple! Especially when it comes to giving birth and having someone who has your back, literally and can guide both you and your partner through the most magical experience of your life. This is invaluable. Preparing you for labour, guiding you through it and helping you in those crucial postpartum days are a gift you should consider for yourself or your loved one. Whether a Natural delivery or a C-section was performed,


Looking after yourself is called self-love. Skincare, Body care, Relaxation and Rejuvenation are not only nice to do, but necessary to reboot our systems, maintain our skin’s health and make us feel like the goddess we are. Natural and Organic products used align with our ethos and Mother Nature as She provides us the time, space and treatments to confidently walk out in style.


Women’s Health, Physical Well Being and a Balance of diet, lifestyle and chronic diseases are all covered by our Specialist Nurse who manages Diabetes and sensitive Women’s Health procedures like an Angel. Vitamin boosts and other general nursing facilities round off her care.


Yoga and Callanetics are both healing movement therapies that are run in an intimate class-like environment with a dedicated instructor guiding you through what is needed to unwind and bring physical prowess back to your body. Time for yourself in these classes is invaluable and not only your body will thank you.


Thermography is an effective yet harmless and pain free form of breast cancer screening. It picks up changes in the breast tissue before a lump has started to form, which would then give one time to make lifestyle changes to try and reverse the pathology before it becomes full blown breast cancer.


Seminars, workshops and training sessions can be held in our private seminar space providing a platform for the sharing of ideas, knowledge, insight and more. The venue caters for a maximum of 35 people who are ready to invest time and energy into themselves and others. Health Haven runs regular FREE talks on multiple health topics over the year.

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